Project: 4.2

Saving species on Australian islands

Project Leaders: Salit Kark , Justine Shaw , Hugh Possingham

This project will help shape on-ground actions on Australian islands – which are havens for threatened species. It will develop information to more effectively protect Australia’s island biodiversity and create safe refuges for species at risk.

This project involves the following subprojects:
Project 4.2.1 Creation and analysis of a national database of threatened species on Australian islands
Project Optimising feral animal control to benefit threatened species on South East Queensland Islands
Project 4.2.4 Norfolk Island threatened species conservation
Project 4.2.5 Protecting threatened quolls and other biodiversity on Kimberley islands from cane toads  
Image: Lord Howe Island, Tropic Bird by Patchtok/Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Project Partners