Australia's World Heritage Islands

Date: 01, Jan, 2018
Author(s):   Whinam, J., Shaw, J.
Publisher: CSIRO

Chapter 10, "Australia's World Heritage Islands" from the book "Australia's island arks: Conservation, management and opportunites", edited by Dorian Moro, Derek Ball and Sally Bryant. Australia is the custodian of a diverse range of continental and oceanic islands. From Heard and Macquarie in the sub-Antarctic, to temperate Lord Howe and Norfolk, to the tropical Cocos (Keeling) and the islands of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia's islands contain some of the nation's most iconic fauna, flora, and ecosystems. They are a refuge for over 35% of Australia's threatened species and for many others declining on mainland Australia. They also have significant cultural value, especially for Indigenous communities, and economic value as centres for tourism. Australian Island Arks presents a compelling case for restoring and managing islands to conserve our natural heritage. With contributions from island practitioners, researchers, and policy-makers, it reviews current island management practices and discusses the need and options for future conservation work.