Call for threatened species data

Call for threatened species data

Friday, 03 May 2019

Dear wildlife enthusiasts,

The Threatened Species Recovery Hub needs your help to develop and shape Australia’s (and the World’s) first Threatened Species Index (TSX)! 

Do you count threatened or near-threatened birds, plants or mammals? We are collecting monitoring data for the Threatened Species Index until 15 June 2019.

The index will do for Australia’s threatened species what the ASX 200 does for the country’s economy: it will tell us how Australia’s threatened species are faring overall and which groups of species and where are most in need of our help.The first iteration of the threatened birds index was launched in November 2018.  You can explore the index here: We are now looking to update the birds index and create new indexes for threatened plants and mammals.

Community groups that have been monitoring biodiversity could have valuable data for the index.  Photo: Nicolas Rakotopare

The index is only possible if dedicated and passionate individuals contribute their monitoring data. Long term datasets from citizen scientist groups, individual researchers, recovery teams, state/territory- or third party-led monitoring programs are of great value and indispensable to this project. 

We are particularly interested in repeated measurements of population data on threatened species where the methods for survey and the area surveyed are kept the same between each survey. You can learn more about what data is suitable in this factsheet.

If you think you may have suitable data for the index please get in touch with the TSX team at:

The updated birds index and new plants and mammal indexes will be ready by the end of the year.
Kind regards,

Dr Elisa Bayraktarov
University of Queensland

Top image: The beautiful flowers of Three Springs Daviesia (Daviesia bursarioides), an Endangered shrub native to Western Australia. Photo: Andrew Crawford.  



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