A Threatened Species Index for Australia: Interim Report Part 1 – Birds

Date: 31, Jan, 2018
Author(s):   Bayraktarov, E., Ehmke, G., Tulloch, A., Driessen, J., O’Connor, J., Barnes, M., Woinarski, J., Garnett, S., McRae, L., Lindenmayer, D., Avery-Gomm, S., Morgain, R., Nguyen, H., Watmuff, J., MacGregor, N., Byrne, M., Hardie, M., Joseph, L., Mokany, A., Bennison, K., Brazill-Boast, J., Carter, O., Chauvenet, A., Guru, S., Hill, B., Hodgon, J., Holewa, H., Kark, S., Kitchin, M., Kutt, A., La Salle, J., Latch, P., Legge, S., McDonald-Madden, E., et al.

This is the interim report of the Threatened Species Index (TSX) for birds.

The goal of the TSX Project is to develop, test and deliver an index that provides reliable and robust measures of changes in the relative abundance of Australia’s threatened and Near Threatened species. A credible TSX is vital for understanding and reporting on overall biodiversity changes. Our initial focus has been on threatened and Near Threatened birds, selected to provide a proof-of-concept for the methodology and to explore reporting capabilities.