Tida Nou

Research Assistant
The University of Queensland


Tida is a research assistant for Threatened Species Recovery Hub projects on cat impacts and management, woodland birds and biodiversity offsets.
Before moving to Brisbane in 2018, Tida lived in the Northern Territory.

She worked for a range of government and non-government organisations and was privileged to spend time working closely with Indigenous ranger groups. Her work included fauna surveys in remote areas, part of the extensive research documenting the steep and significant decline in small and medium-sized native mammals across northern Australia. During this time, she developed an interest in improving the integration of scientific research into environmental planning and management.

Tida is working with the hub's communications team to synthesise the current research on cat impacts and management and develop appropriate ways to better communicate this information according to different needs and audiences.

Tida can be contacted via email (t.nou@uq.edu.au).