Arid Zone Monitoring Project Summary

Date: 15, Dec, 2021
Author(s):   Indigo N, Skroblin A, Southwell D, Grimmett L, Nou T, Young A, Legge S and AZM Project Partners
Publisher: TSR Hub

The Arid Zone Monitoring project supports people and groups who are using track-based survey methods to monitor Australia’s desert fauna – Traditional Owners, Indigenous rangers, university researchers, consultants, and government staff. The project aims to:

• Gather existing data together to see what can be achieved when desert groups and individuals share data into a national dataset.
• Give advice about future monitoring designs and data collection, to help people achieve their local, regional and national objectives.
• Showcase the work being carried out across Australia’s deserts.
• Do the groundwork to build towards a national monitoring program for desert animals.