Arid Zone Monitoring Project Report

Date: 15, Dec, 2021
Author(s):   Indigo N, Skroblin A, Southwell D, Grimmett L, Nou T, Young A, Legge S and AZM Project Partners
Publisher: TSR Hub

The project collated and curated 69 datasets from 37 data providers. Data were shared with the project under the provisions of data licences with each data provider. The collated dataset is stored securely by the project team and is not publicly accessible. These data remain the Intellectual Property of each data provider, and cannot be shared with other parties either within, or external to the project. If you have questions about the data in this report, contact

In the maps presented in this report, spatial information for all species is de-identified to at least one- degree spatial resolution, but usually more, as per the data licences. Data licences have a provision to allow data providers to request that some data not be displayed at all; no data providers have chosen to use this provision.

The data licences acknowledge that Research Outputs from the collated dataset may be made available under open licensing arrangements, whilst adhering to the requirement not to disclose high resolution spatial information, and also to seek input and approval from data providers on these outputs.