Alex Kutt

Project Team Member
Bush Heritage Australia

Alex Kutt is a Healthy Landscape Manager and Ecologist with Bush Heritage Australia, and is responsible for overseeing the management of the Pullen Pullen or night parrot reserve in SW Queensland, as well as two large desert properties. He has lived and worked in northern Queensland for many years, and has undertaken a variety of research throughout Australian rangelands. He completed a Bachelor of Arts and Science at the University of Melbourne, before completing a PhD at James Cook University.

Alex has worked on birds, mammals, reptiles and plant conservation in tropical and arid Australia, investigating mainly landscape and community ecology, threatened species and threatening processes.

Alex has spent time on many scientific and advisory committees, and is currently on the Night Parrot and Red-finned Blue-eye Recovery Teams, and is an Associate Editor of Austral Ornithology. He is a Senior Research Fellow (adjunct), School of Earth & Environmental Sciences, Green Fire Science, University of Queensland. Research Gate, Google Scholar,