Better offsets for threatened species

Date: 03, Oct, 2017
Author(s): Martine Maron   David Pannell   Heini Kujala   Zoe Stone   Fleur Maseyk   Megan Evans   Jonathan Rhodes   Sayed Iftekhar   Erica Marshall   Nick Leseberg   Ram Pandit   Hamish Campbell   James Watson   Richard Fuller   Alex Kutt   Pia Lentini   Richard J Hobbs   Nathan Garvey   Dan Rogers   Jeremy Simmonds   |   Martine Maron, David Pannell, Heini Kujala, Zoe Stone, Fleur Maseyk, Megan Evans, Jonathan Rhodes, Sayed Iftekhar, Erica Marshall, Nick Leseberg, Ram Pandit, Hamish Campbell, James Watson, Richard Fuller, Alex Kutt, Pia Lentini, Richard J. Hobbs, Nathan Garvey, Dan Rogers , Jeremy Simmonds, Ascelin Gordon, Jessica Walsh
Publisher: TSR Hub

Project 5.1 Biodiversity offsetting is increasingly used as a mechanism to compensate unavoidable development impacts on biodiversity. Yet, major knowledge gaps exist in how best to calculate both development impacts and offset benefits for biodiversity, particularly for poorly known species and communities. This large project will develop and test new guidance and protocols for the most challenging aspects of offsetting impacts on threatened species. In particular, we focus on: 1) robust estimation of the benefit of habitat protection; 2) identifying novel and cost-effective offset approaches for species and communities that commonly trigger offset requirements, but for which offsets are particularly challenging; and 3) exploring approaches that can deliver improved benefits through more strategically targeted and coordinated actions. In combination, this will improve offset benefits to nationally threatened species and ecological communities.