Identifying and managing refuges from threats

Date: 23, May, 2018
Author(s):   April Reside, Natalie Briscoe, Alexander Kutt, Chris Dickman, Chris Pavey, David Roshier, Euan Ritchie, Reid Tingley, Matt West, Mathew Hipsey, Hugh McGregor, Andrew Carter, Kath Tuft, Aaron Greenville
Publisher: TSR Hub

Refuges are important to many species, as they allow them to survive environmentally stressful times, like droughts, fires and disease outbreaks. While fixed refuges like mountain tops can be easy to identify, temporary refuges, which move in time and space, can also be vital. This project will advance our understanding of both fixed and shifting refuges to support their protection and management. It will also identify the critical refuge attributes for a number of threatened species including: the spotted tree frog, great desert skink, several species of antechinus, Sharman’s rock wallaby, and northern quoll. It will also examine how feral cats use refuges in arid zones and rangelands.