Eucalypt photo competition

Eucalypt photo competition

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Spotlight on Eucalypts

Eucalypts are the iconic tree of the Australian continent. They are the foundation of many Australian ecosystems and also underpin important industries. Since European settlement many Eucalypt species have declined dramatically.

The Threatened Species Recovery Hub is undertaking a nation-wide assessment of the conservation status of Australian eucalypt, which includes the genera Eucalyptus, Corymbia and Angophora. The assessment will help conservation managers to understand which species are at risk and will also underpin a national conservation action plan for Australian eucalypts.

The project is being led by Associate Professor Rod Fensham at the University of Queensland.

Call for photos

To mark this significant milestone in eucalypt conservation the hub is holding a photo competition to celebrate the beauty and diversity of Australia’s eucalypts. We are looking for submissions in three categories:
1. Trees
2. Flowers and nuts
3. Features (bark, foliage or anything else of artistic merit)

The best photos will be included in the National Action Plan for Australian Eucalypts, an online photo exhibition and in other materials that promote the findings of the assessment and the national action plan. This could include stories on the hub website and social media, in presentations, factsheets, reports and media coverage related to this conservation research project.


The winner of each category will also receive a prize pack of the following books:
• Eucalyptus, the award winning novel by Murray Bail
• Eucalyptus: An Illustrated Guide to Identification by Ian Brooker and David Kleinig.

A river red gum (eucalyptus camaldulensis) at Simpsons Gap, Northern Territory. Photo: Jaana Dielenberg

How to enter
The competition will be open until Monday 22 July 2019. Winners will be notified in late July.

Send your images to Teghan Collingwood ( If you have multiple images consider supplying them in dropbox or another file sharing application.

Please supply the photos in high resolution (300 DPI and 1-5MB file size is ideal) and include the following information:

• Photographer name
• Location photo was taken
• What species you think it is, if known

Submissions should be accompanied by supplementary photos of buds and nuts (even if they are scraps from beneath the tree) and a general location so the identity of the species can be confirmed.

Please also confirm that you give consent to the Threatened Species Recovery Hub and the University of Queensland to use your photos in the national action plan and other materials used to promote this eucalypt conservation project.

More information

For more information email Teghan Collingwood (

Top image: Cup gum (Eucalyptus cosmophylla) , Kangaroo Island, SA. Photo: Paul Asman and Jill Lenoble CC BY 2.0