Prof Martine Maron

Theme 5 Leader
The University of Queensland

Martine Maron is a Professor of Environmental Management and an ARC Future Fellow at The University of Queensland. Her research is in environmental policy and conservation ecology.  

Her lab group works on a range of problems in applied ecology and conservation policy, including drivers of landscape-level species richness, resource distribution and persistence of bird species in patchy landscapes, and how climate change will influence the persistence of species through inducing resource crunches.  In addition to her fellowship research on the long-term biodiversity consequences (both intended and unintended) of biodiversity offsetting, Martine has a particular interest in how to manage the aggressive noisy miner to restore woodland bird assemblages.

Prof Maron is a Deputy Director of the Threatened Species Recovery Hub and leads its policy research theme, which includes projects seeking to improve biodiversity offsetting for threatened species and ecological communities. She helped draft the IUCN Biodiversity Offsets Policy and the UNCCD’s Land Degradation Neutrality approach, and has helped develop numerous policy tools including the EPBC Act Offsets Assessment Guide, the Reef Trust offsets calculator, and New Zealand’s biodiversity offsets accounting model. She continues to work with governments around Australia and the world to improve offset policy and practice, and leads an international working group which is developing a new approach to aligning ecological compensation with conservation targets