S2 - Supplementary Material 2 Cost Model-Wheatbelt WA

Author(s): Vandana Subroy   Ram Pandit   Stephen Garnett   |   Subroy. V., Barnes, M., Monks, L., Crawford, A., Coates, D., Pandit, R., Pannell, D., Davis, B., Edgley, M., Gosper, C., Phillips, B., Yates, C., Beecham, B., Jolliffe, D.
Publisher: TSR Hub

Supplementary Material 2 for the following report:
Trade-offs and synergies between in situ and ex situ conservation of plant taxa: A process to support practical decision-making

This is an excel workbook. The purpose of this tool is to show the application of the cost model to the screened taxa using the screening tool (Supplementary material 1). We applied this tool to the screened taxa of the Wheatbelt region for translocation costing purposes.