Trade-offs and synergies between in situ and ex situ conservation of plant taxa: A process to support practical decision-making

Date: 22, Jul, 2021
Author(s):   Subroy. V., Barnes, M., Monks, L., Crawford, A., Coates, D., Pandit, R., Pannell, D., Davis, B., Edgley, M., Gosper, C., Phillips, B., Yates, C., Beecham, B., Jolliffe, D.
Publisher: TSR Hub

A large number of Australia’s plants are in danger of extinction. Plant translocations have become increasingly important in threatened flora conservation programs. They can, however, be costly and there are trade-offs inherent in deciding which conservation actions to invest in. Here we develop a decision-support process to rapidly identify when translocations are likely to be preferable to the status quo of managing threats in situ.