Decision support for recovery teams

Date: 26, Oct, 2021
Author(s):   Terry Walshe
Publisher: TSR Hub

This tool provides a template for group decision-making based on collective understanding of the cost-effectiveness of actions. An accompanying report describes key elements of the approach and illustrates its application to a hypothetical scenario involving the Christmas Island Flying Fox. The tool can be readily adapted to assist recovery teams working on management priorities for species elsewhere.

There are two variants of the tool, the selection of which will depend on whether or not the user wants to explore the merit of captive breeding alongside other candidate actions. These two files are titled "ciff_with_ex-situ" and "ciff_without_ex-situ.xlsm" below.  

There is also a pre-populated demonstration file that includes the details of the illustrative application described in the report that is titled "ciff_with_ex-situ_demo.xlsm" below.

Guidance on use of the tool is provided at each spreadsheet tab.

If you run into difficulties you can ask for help from Terry Walshe, email: