Adaptive Management for threatened mammals in the Victorian Central Highlands

Date: 20, Nov, 2017
Author(s):   David Lindenmayer, Sarah Legge, David Blair, Lachlan McBurney, Brenton von Takach Dukai, Wade Blanchard, Sam Banks, James Todd, Mark Antos, Derek Ball
Publisher: TSR Hub

Many species of mammals and birds are dependent on the mountain ash forests of Victoria’s Central Highlands, including the Critically Endangered Leadbeater’s possum and Vulnerable greater glider. This project will use analysis of existing long-term monitoring data and new field-based experimental research and radio-tracking to strengthen the scientific evidence base of strategies to secure the long-term conservation of these and other species dependent on these forests. In particular, the project will provide evidence to underpin reservation and conservation strategies, and strategies that attempt to integrate the conservation of these species with wood production.