A knowledge synthesis to inform a national approach to fighting extinction - Report

Date: 26, Nov, 2021
Author(s):   April E. Reside, Michelle Ward, C.J. Yong, James E.M. Watson, Andrew Rogers, Ruben Venegas Li and Josie Carwardine
Publisher: TSR Hub

Thanks to concerted investment in research on Australia’s threatened species, including through the NESP TSR Hub, we now have a wealth of knowledge about where and how to manage threats to improve the outlook for threatened species. However, an effort was needed to draw this knowledge together into a coordinated assessment of actions for mitigating key threats to threatened species and calculating the likely costs of these actions.

In this report we attempt to synthesise research and expertise across threatened species in Australia to generate and evaluate actions that could assist in the recovery of all threatened species across Australia. This report attempts to answer the questions: what threat abatement strategies are required to ensure threatened species recovery across Australia; and what is the spatial extent, likely cost and co-benefits of abatement strategy implementation?