Matt Hipsey

Group Leader
University of Western Australia

Matt is group leader of the Aquatic Ecodynamics (AED) research group at UWA in the School of Agriculture and Environment. 

He has multi- disciplinary experience in the area of water resources with a particular focus on aquatic systems modelling and ecohydrology.  His research team includes several post-doctoral, and technical staff and numerous PhD students, who specialise in water quality and aquatic ecosystem model development and application to wetlands, lakes, rivers and estuaries.

Matt has published over 60 journal articles and 20 conference papers on modelling aquatic ecosystems in the last 10 years and he is also a major developer of several widely used modelling software packages.

His work focuses on understanding how climate change and land-use change are impacting upon the important processes that govern physical and biogeochemical processes in the environment, and how these changes impact the condition and suitability of habitat for biota. This information is used to recommend management strategies for aquatic ecosystems.