Dr Libby Rumpff

Project Leader
Project Researcher - The University of Melbourne

Dr Libby Rumpff is a Senior Research Fellow in the School of BioSciences at The University of Melbourne. Her research and teaching draw upon the practices of structured decision-making, adaptive management and risk assessment. She works closely with government agencies to develop qualitative and quantitative models, facilitate expert elicitation workshops, and apply structured decision making to various environmental management decision contexts.

Under NESP, Libby’s projects have included 1.2.2 (“Adaptive management of Pine-Buloke woodland at Wyperfeld National Park”),1.2.5 (“Coordinated recovery planning for threatened woodlands”), 7.2 (“Conservation actions for Threatened Ecological Communities”), and 8.5.1 (“Learning the lessons from the wildfires: A conservation roadmap for planning and response”).

See: https://rumpffresearch.wordpress.com/