A general ecosystem model to guide conservation planning for diverse woodlands of southern Australia - Report

Date: 22, Sep, 2021
Author(s):   Good, M., Fraser, H., Gould, E., Vesk, P., Rumpff
Publisher: TSR Hub

There are 24 southern Australian eucalypt woodland communities listed as threatened under the EPBC Act, but just 5 of these communities currently have national recovery plans. This work seeks to document expert understanding of where we can generalise and transfer understanding from one system to another to aid effective conservation management, without losing critical aspects of what defines each distinct woodland type. By providing a basis to transfer understanding from one woodland type to another, the outcomes from this project will inform recovery planning for listed woodlands. Through a series of online surveys and face-to-face workshops, experts estimated commonness of condition states in each woodland type, the likelihood of transitions occurring between individual states, as well as the factors and drivers required for these transitions to occur. We used this information to explore generalities and deviations among woodland types in terms of threats and opportunities for woodlands in southern Australia.