Dr Jabin Watson

Research Fellow
Franklin Eco-lab - University of Queensland

Jabin is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Franklin Eco-lab at The University of Queensland whose research is focused largely on fish. He is interested in all levels of organismal and ecological organisation, which is reflected in his diverse training and experience. His research experience encompasses marine biology and ecology, genetics, microbiology, metabolic modelling/system biology, and improving fish production in the aquaculture industry.

Jabin's current work is to improve our understanding of fish physiology to help inform management and drive conservation outcomes. A large focus of his recent research involves increasing our understanding of the performance capabilities, and behavioural responses, of Australia’s native fish to improve fish passage through manmade in-stream barriers. Concurrent work is being undertaken determining the physiological limits of invasive (carp, tilapia and gambusia) and native (Murray cod, Mary river cod, lungfish, etc.) fish species in the context of cold-water pollution from large dams, and to improve habitat quality mapping, assessment and management in the northern Murray-Darling Basin. Recently, the deleterious impact of bushfire run-off on aquatic communities has gained attention. We are applying our physiological toolkit to assess the impacts of bush-fire runoff on a diverse range of aquatic animals including highly threatened species of spiny crayfish and fish.