Mitigating and Managing Barriers to Fish Passage and Improving River Connectivity – Final Report

Date: 12, Nov, 2021
Author(s):   Cramp, R., Franklin, C., Watson, J., Parisi, M., Gomez Isaza, D., Keep, J., Toms, A., Shiau, J., McPhee, D.
Publisher: TSR Hub

Given the pervasive impact of barriers on freshwater fish populations, considerable effort is being invested in developing remediation solutions, yet the efficacy of these designs for Australian small bodied fish remains largely untested. This project took an integrative, experimental approach to understanding and remediating a suite of barrier types for Australian native fish. We:

  1. undertook a comprehensive assessment of fish swimming performance to construct a database of performance characteristics;
  2. explored the effects of a suite of culvert baffle designs;
  3. developed a novel longitudinal beam structure to improve fish movement through culverts;
  4. explored the effects of acute temperature reductions consistent with cold water pollution events; and
  5. examined the effects of nitrate pollution on fish performance.

This project can inform ‘fish-friendly’ policies and support remediation practices.