Dr Dejan Stojanovic

Postdoctoral Fellow
Australian National University

I am a conservation scientist interested in the factors that affect small and declining populations, and am responsible for managing on-ground operations of the DBRG. I undertook my PhD research on the breeding biology of the endangered swift parrot in their Tasmanian breeding range, and it was this research that led to the discovery of the severe predation on birds by sugar gliders. My research was the first to apply new technology and sophisticated analytical tools to address a major gap in knowledge about one of Australia’s most threatened birds. My research shed light on details about the breeding ecology of a species for which there were no data in spite of its severely threatened status. I am closely involved in the management of the orange-bellied parrot program at the Melaleuca population and I am leading the way in new ecological research about this species both in the wild and captivity. My extensive experience in the management approaches applied to the recovery program for the OBP provides a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities facing this and other threatened species. I supervise a team of students working on a range of other threatened Australian birds.