David Blair

Project Team Member
The Australian National University

David Blair completed a degree in forest science at Melbourne University. He traveled widely before working as an environmental photographer and consultant.

In 2009 he started with ANU as a forest ecologist, studying the Mountain Ash forests of Victoria as they re-grew after the Black Saturday bushfires.

His TSR research focuses on Victorian Central Highlands Tall forests.

Inter-den tree movements by Leadbeater’s Possum
Australian Zoologist
The conservation of Greater Glider populations in the Victorian Central Highlands
The road to oblivion - Quantifying pathways in the decline of large old trees
Failing to conserve Leadbeater's Possum and its Mountain Ash forest habitat.
Royal Zoological Society of NSW
From unburnt to salvage logged: quantifying bird responses to different levels of disturbance severity
Implications of the rapid loss of large old hollow-bearing trees in Victorian Mountain Ash forests
Adaptive Management for threatened mammals in the Victorian Central Highlands
Relationships between tree size and occupancy by cavity-dependent arboreal marsupials
Forest Ecology and Management
Environmental and human drivers influencing large old tree abundance in Australian wet forests
Forest Ecology and Management