Prof Craig Franklin

Project Leader
The University of Queensland
Craig Franklin is a Professor in Zoology and Deputy Head in the School of Biological Sciences at The University of Queensland.
The underlying emphasis and direction of his research program deals with the flexibility and plasticity of physiological systems in vertebrate ectotherms (fish, amphibians and reptiles), especially in response to environmental change. He takes a truly integrative approach, examining organismal performance and then examines the physiological, biochemical and molecular changes and mechanisms that underlie the whole animal traits. Experimental work is undertaken in a laboratory setting and in the field his research team utilises remote sensing technology (archival tags, acoustic, VHF and satellite telemetry) to investigate the physiology and movement ecology of animals in relation to environmental conditions.
The main emphasis of Craig's current research program centers on the rapidly emerging discipline of Conservation Physiology, where the application of physiological theory, approaches and tools are used to elucidate and address conservation problems with the aim to provide a mechanistic understanding of how environmental disturbances and threatening processes impact physiological responses and thereby ecological function, population persistence, and species survival.