The impact of fire on mountain frogs in Gondwanan rainforests

Date: 28, Sep, 2021
Author(s): Geoffrey Heard   Ben Scheele   Liam Bolitho   David Newell   Harry Hines   Emily Hoffmann  

The ‘Black Summer’ fires affected over half of the Gondwana Rainforests of the Australia World Heritage Area, including habitats of the red and yellow mountain frog, Richmond mountain frog and Loveridge’s mountain frog. This project repeatedly surveyed over 100 sites to assess wildfire impacts on frog habitat suitability, frog occurrence and abundance. Wildfires impacted extensive areas of habitat for all three species, and frogs were more likely to be found post-fire at unburnt sites – especially for the red and yellow mountain frog. These frogs have some resilience to drought and fire, but the increasing frequency and severity of fire under climate change represents a clear threat to these species.