The economics of threatened species management

Date: 21, Aug, 2018
Author(s): Ram Pandit   Kerstin Zander   David Pannell   Vandana Subroy   Stephen Garnett   Sarah Bekessy   Richard Fuller   Asha Gunawardena   James Brazill-Boast   |   Ram Pandit, Kerstin Zander, David Pannell, Vandana Subroy, Stephen Garnett, Sarah Bekessy, Richard Fuller, Shannon Hagerman, Asha Gunawardena, James Brazill-Boast
Publisher: TSR Hub

Project 6.1 Saving threatened species from extinction costs money. Costs play a big part in decision-making around conservation actions, yet using economic theory in developing decision frameworks for conservation has not been done before. This project addresses this shortfall, through collating existing relevant knowledge and creating a series of tools for using economics to inform threatened species conservation. We will achieve this by looking at costs, derived benefits, and trade-offs involved in undertaking conservation work on single species, and by using the tools we develop to support practical decision-making in existing conservation strategies.