Securing the kowari in South Australia

Date: 22, Sep, 2021
Author(s):   Dickman, C., Greenville, A., Brandle, R., Canty, P., La Marca, W., Rogers, D., Tuft, K.,

The kowari, a marsupial 'micro-carnivore' is restricted to the gibber plains of central Australia, and persists under the threat of extinction. The kowari has experienced a significant contraction from its historical range and is now extinct in the Northern Territory, with scattered populations persisting in South Australia and Queensland. Recent estimates suggest the kowari has a 20% chance of extinction within the next 20 years. This project seeks to further develop our understanding of the temporal and spatial dynamics of the kowari and the processes that threaten its survival. These aims incorporate both modelling and field-based investigations to determine changes in the kowari's distribution from its historic range, and movement patterns, habitat use, interactions with predator/prey species, diet, and genetics. This report provides an update on project progress.