Responses of threatened species to cats and fire management in Kakadu and northern savannas

Date: 15, Nov, 2018
Author(s):   Graeme Gillespie, John Woinarski, Danielle Stokeld, Luke Einoder, Michael Douglas
Publisher: TSR Hub

Small mammal species in northern Australia have undergone catastrophic declines, including in key reserves such as Kakadu National Park. The project aims to guide management priorities to recover threatened mammals in monsoonal northern Australia, especially in relation to fire and feral cats. The team will compile and analyse a large dataset (from Kakadu and comparable other sites in the Top End) on the occurrence of cats, native mammals and fire to evaluate landscape-scale relationships. It will also contribute to the analysis and documentation of responses of native reptiles and mammals to cat-exclusion at established fenced sites in Kakadu National Park.