Mapping distributions, threats and opportunities to conserve the greater glider

Date: 28, Jan, 2019
Author(s): Natalie Briscoe   Casey Visintin   James Todd   John Wright   Michael Kearney   Brendan Wintle   David Lindenmayer   John Woinarski   |   Natalie Briscoe, Casey Visintin, James Todd, Lindy Lumsden, John Wright, Sharon Koh, Teresa Eyre. Michael Kearney, Brendan Wintle, Craig Nitschke, John Clarke, Geoff Gooley, David Lindenmayer, John Woinarski, Andrew Krockenberger, Rod Kavanaugh
Publisher: TSR Hub

Project 4.4.8 This project will inform landscape management actions and recovery planning for the greater glider across its whole range by mapping threats and opportunities for management, and improving predictions of species’ persistence and range changes. The research team will use a powerful new modelling framework to assess the combination of effects of wildfire, logging and habitat fragmentation along with a strong focus on climate change on greater glider populations, and explore the effectiveness of management strategies such as prescribed burning programs and area protection across regions. Using greater gliders as a case study, we will map persistence of threatened species under changing environments to better inform conservation decisions. This project complements other work by the TSRH.