Guidelines for treatment of Australian wildlife with sarcoptic mange

Date: 20, Oct, 2021
Author(s): Lee Skerratt  
Publisher: TSR Hub

The mange mite (Sarcoptes scabiei) causes various forms of dermatitis and can lead to other medical conditions. Mange is known to affect bandicoots, dingoes, koalas, possums, potoroos and wallabies, and can be fatal in bare-nosed wombats. The treatment of mange in wildlife is challenging, and no national treatment guidelines exist. We conducted a literature review, combined with targeted expert interviews and stakeholder consultation, to collate information about sarcoptic mange infection and treatment in Australian mammals. We produced a set of treatment guidelines, and a summary treatment information sheet, for stakeholders directly involved in managing and delivering treatment. Our treatment guidelines outline current principles around whether to treat or euthanise an animal, treatment options, relevant regulations and what information to record.