Ecology, genetics and conservation management of the Norfolk Island morepork and green parrot

Date: 22, Jul, 2021
Author(s):   Sperring, F., Webster, W., Isaac, B., Clarke, R., Gautschi, D., Heinsohn, R., Olsen, P., Weeks, A., Macgregor, N., Wilson, M., Greenup, N.
Publisher: TSR Hub

Norfolk Island is an isolated sub-tropical island and is home to the priority species: Norfolk Island morepork, and Norfolk Island green parrot. Both have a single small population, and are a priority for management by Norfolk Island National Park. They have experienced severe genetic bottlenecks and are subject to several common threats that limit their population recovery. There are concerns over rates of breeding and population replacement. This project aimed to identify and implement more effective population and habitat management actions including potential translocations. We also provide more informaiton on the species’ ecology, populations, range movements, breeding success, habitat preferences and genetic viability.