Tiwi Land Rangers

Tiwi Land Council

Over thousands of years, Tiwi people have developed and harnessed knowledge that strengthens environmental sustainability and fosters cultural wellbeing. The Tiwi Land Ranger Program, which was established in 2006, draws on this knowledge and connection to country, and helps to address gaps in land management capacity across the Islands.

The Tiwi Land Rangers carry out a range of land management and liaison activities including environmental contract work, biological surveys, providing support for ecological research, heritage and sacred site assessments, rehabilitation of developed areas, fire management for carbon abatement, weed management and pest monitoring, quarantine surveillance and biosecurity. They either hold, or are training for, a Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management.

In addition, a range of partnership projects have been undertaken with other land management organisations and commercial operators on the Tiwi Islands, aimed at increasing knowledge of listed threatened species. This information is then incorporated into land use planning on the islands. The Tiwi Land Rangers have developed outstanding expertise in discovering and monitoring targeted species, and play a significant role in ongoing management of threatened species.

For more information, see the Tiwi Land Council website.