Project Leader

The Ngurrara Rangers were formed in 2007 to manage and conserve the Warlu Jiljaa Jumu Indigenous Protected Area and the wider Native Title Determination Area. Initially funded through the Indigenous Protected Area Program, the Ngurrara Rangers are now supported directly through the NIAA’s Working on Country Program. Yanunijarra Aboriginal Corporation (YAC) is a member of the Indigenous Desert Alliance (IDA) and the 10 Deserts Project, participating in regional work programs of the 10 Desert Project focused on invasive animal management, Traditional Ecological Knowledge recording and visitor management. Through the Ngurrara Rangers, YAC manages the impact of tourists in the northern proportion of the Canning Stock Route with the help of a permit system (Kuju Wangka Canning Stock Route Visitor Permit System) and provides services to visitors along the stock route.

The Ngurrara Rangers strive to protect the cultural landscape of their country in the Great Sandy Desert region of the Kimberley by undertaking fire management, looking after jila and jumu freshwater places, monitoring cultural sites and implementing climate change adaptation strategies