Karrie Rose

Project Leader
Taronga Conservation Society

Dr. Karrie Rose enjoys a multi-faceted role in wildlife health research, education, and disease investigation as manager of the Australian Registry of Wildlife Health, a program of Taronga Conservation Society Australia.

Karrieā€™s research focuses on the application of an ecological approach to identify and understand pathogens at the interface of animal, human and environmental health. Investigations into wildlife disease outbreaks and population declines often transform into collaborative research projects leading to the characterisation of emerging pathogens and the generation of biosecurity advice to guide agriculture and conservation agencies.

Please feel free to contact Karrie at krose@zoo.nsw.gov.au

The lost lizards of Christmas Island: A retrospective assessment of factors driving the collapse of a native reptile community
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Be nimble with threat mitigation: lessons learned from the reintroduction of an endangered species
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