Ms Jaana Dielenberg

Science Communications Manager
The University of Queensland

Jaana Dielenberg is the TSR Hub Science Communication Manager. Jaana has a long background working in environmental science and management.  For the last ten years she has worked in communication and engagement roles which bring new research to NRM and conservation audiences. 

Before moving to Brisbane Jaana lived in Darwin with her family, where she lead the science communication and engagement activities of the NERP Northern Australia Hub for four years. She enjoyed the broad range of research and getting to know people across the north that are caring for country.

Jaana has a Bachelor of Arts (Geography) and a Master of Environment, both from the University of Melbourne.  After finishing university she worked in Victoria in waterway management for 11 years in a variety of roles, which saw her planning and coordinating weed, erosion and rabbit control, revegetation and even the management of a Ramsar listed wetland.  She worked with a variety of stakeholders including local and state government, Indigenous and friends-of Groups.           
Jaana is based at the University of Queensland, and works closely with the Hub Knowledge Broker, Magazine Editor, and Indigenous Liaison Coordinator.

If she isn't at work she is usually taking her boys to sports or gardening or dreaming about camping.

To contact Jaana, email or phone 07 3365 2450