Daniel White

Project Leader
University of Western Australia

Daniel is interested in understanding how evolutionary forces and population dynamics shape genetic variation within natural populations, with an application to conservation. Trained in statistical genetics, he completed his PhD at University College London (human genetics), and MSc by Res (population genetics) and Honours (zoology) degrees at the University of Edinburgh. Over the past seven years, Daniel has been working for Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research, New Zealand on numerous projects focused on preserving New Zealand’s terrestrial biodiversity. He currently holds a co-appointment at the University of Western Australia where he is a NESP TSR Hub Research Fellow. His work combines statistical population genetics and genomics, and has focused on various species and problems including understanding remnant diversity in the southern brown kiwi, and discovering causes of disease in the kakapo. Daniel is currently using population viability analyses to predict population trajectories of some of Australia’s most endangered medium-sized marsupials, informing state agency-led conservation management plans.