Boris Laffineur

Research Associate

Boris Laffineur is an ecologist interested in deciphering issues that will improve the protection and conservation of natural environments. His work has focused on monitoring the springs of the Great Artesian Basin, documenting drought-induced tree dieback, improving vegetation mapping, and surveying and understanding threatened plants. Resolving the mysteries raised by observing the dynamics of ecosystems in remote parts of Western Queensland has kept him entertained for the past five years. Boris believes conservation to be each and everyone’s responsibility and best interest.

Assessing the conservation status of tree species declining in productive landscapes: the case of Eucalyptus argophloia
Australian Journal of Botany
Imminent Extinction of Australian Myrtaceae by Fungal Disease
Trends in Ecology and Evolution
Rarity or decline: Key concepts for the Red List of Australian eucalypts
Conservation Biology
Threatened species in a threatened ecosystem: the conservation status of four Solanum species in the face of ongoing habitat loss
Rare plant species do not occupy water-remote refuges in arid environments subject to livestock grazing
Ecological Applications
Conserving brigalow flora
Developing a national plan for Australian eucalypts
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