Beth Crase

Project Team Member
Charles Darwin University

Beth Crase holds a post-doctoral fellowship within the Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods at Charles Darwin University.

She is a quantitative ecologist and botanist, with research experience in Australia and Asia. She has diverse interests from ethnobotany to working with large empirical datasets to elucidate the spatio-temporal relationships between biota and their environment.

Beth's previous work includes incorporating spatial autocorrelation into models of species distribution, modelling plant community dynamics in forests, field work involving climbing 50m trees in Borneo to locate epiphytes, slogging through mud in mangrove forests and helicopter survey work in inaccessible, remote and beautiful areas of the NT.

She previously held positions with the University of Melbourne, the National University of Singapore and the Northern Territory Government.

Beth currently works on developing ways to better protect Australia’s most poorly known species from extinction as part of the National Environmental Science Program’s Threatened Species Recovery Hub.