Ms Anna Lemon

Anna has lived in the Northern Territory most of her life. She became interested in the environment at a young age and following high school quickly became interested in native plants. She spent several years growing and supplying native plants in Darwin before deciding to study at Charles Darwin University, where she completed a Diploma in Conservation and Land Management and a Bachelor of Science (Ecology).

Anna is currently undertaking a research project as part of the honours program looking at changes to monsoon vine thicket communities on the Dampier Peninsula with respect to fire. This will involve remotely sensing this threatened ecological community to observe changes to canopy condition and fire regimes over a 30-year timeline, which aims to capture a snapshot of regimes before and after the commencement of fire management.

Anna is interested in botany and vegetation ecology – all things plant-related – and hopes to one day be a botanist looking at all the plants in the Top End!