Adrian Gleiss

Murdoch University

Adrian Gleiss is a physiological and behavioural ecologist interested in exploring the interactive roles of behavioural and physiological processes that determine the success of individual animals and populations. Although Adrian has worked primarily on fishes, he has published on a broad range of species from jellyfish to marine turtles in both freshwater and marine systems.

Adrian is currently an ARC DECRA research fellow at the Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystems at Murdoch University. His research group is actively applying modern biologging tools and numerical modelling to explore how changing environments (temperature, oxygen and ocean current) are changing the behavioural energetics of species, with a view to forecast the impacts of human activity.

A focal point of Adrian’s research is to understand the future of freshwater sawfish in the Fitzroy River, one of the only known remaining intact nurseries for this species, threatened by increasing human pressure.