The ins and outs of biodiversity offsetting explained

Biodiversity offset policies and practices can be hard to get your head around. They may seem abstract but globally they have a big impact on the environment. This series of 9 short plain language videos helps explain key concepts and challenges.

V1. Introduction to biodiversity offsetting

The basics of what biodiversity offsetting involves.


V2. Why do we offset?

Under what circumstances might we consider doing a biodiversity offset


V3. What do we offset?

How biodiversity is described and measured for the purposes of offsetting


V4. Calculating losses and gains

How to estimate the amount of gain from an offset


V5. Uncertainty, time lags and multipliers

Adjusting estimates of gain from an offset


V6. Offset rules

Setting constraints and requirements to help make offsets more effective


V7. Spatially strategic offsets

Coordinating offset actions for greater benefits


V8. Target-based ecological compensation

An approach that aligns compensation with conservation targets


V9. Monitoring and evaluation

Tracking the performance of individual offsets and offset programs

See the Better Offsets project page for a wide range of resources on offsets.