Valuing research: tools and approaches for assessing and enhancing the benefits from environmental research

Date: 21, Dec, 2021
Author(s):   Rachel A. Morgain, Ruth A. O’Connor, Timothy D. Johnson, Holly B. Vuong, Tyrone H. Lavery, Natasha M. Robinson, Christine A. Fenwick, Heather J. Christensen, Bradley Moggridge, Teagan Goolmeer, Oliver Costello, Nicholas A. Macgregor, Ben C. Scheele, Jennie Fluin, James A. Fitzsimons,  Katherine E. Selwood, Rebecca Spindler, Brendan A. Wintle, David B. Lindenmayer
Publisher: TSR Hub

This project has developed and tested a framework for assessing research value across the life cycle of conservation research projects and programs. This is the first comprehensive attempt of its kind to build and test a multimodal, integrated, qualitative and quantitative framework for achieving and assessing value in environmental research. The report focuses on research ‘value’, not just ‘impact’. Achieving research value is strongly dependent on effective engagement and building appropriate ‘pathways to impact’. The framework is designed as a flexible guide that can be drawn upon for a wide range of valuation purposes, and that can be applied (as appropriate) at any point through the life cycle of research projects or after completion. It is designed for practical application in agencies across a wide range of sectors, including research, research funding, government and land management agencies.