Using reintroductions to understand causes of mammal declines and extinctions at Booderee National Park

Date: 15, May, 2018
Author(s):   David Lindenmayer, Natasha Robinson, Sarah Legge, Chris MacGregor, Rob Brewster, Darren Grover
Publisher: TSR Hub

Over the last century Booderee National Park has suffered large declines and extinctions of many native species, especially mammals. Active management has stabilised declines of many species and created conditions considered suitable to trial reintroductions of at least three regionally extinct mammals. This project will support Parks Australia in planning and monitoring the releases. The reintroductions and existing monitoring will also be used to identify the causes of declines and extinctions of mammals at Booderee. The project will 1) examine factors needed for re-establishment and persistence of reintroduced mammals 2) consider possible impacts on local ecosystems and how to mitigate them, and 3) determine best-practice translocation procedures for selected mammals. Findings will benefit threatened mammal conservation within and beyond the park.