Translocation of quenda (Isoodon fusciventer) alters microhabitat of urban bushland reserve

Date: 21, Jun, 2021
Author(s):   Leonie Valentine, Rebecca Campbell, Harry Moore, Gabrielle Beca, Daniel Bohórquez Fandiño, Bryony Palmer, Alice Reaveley, Catherine Ryan and Richard Hobbs
Publisher: TSR Hub

The translocation of quenda into Craigie Bushland has substantially modified the microhabitat. Quenda foraging is prolific throughout the reserve. The digging activities of quenda increased two types of bare ground measurements: 1) the percent cover (%) of bare ground created by quenda, which was visually assessed; and, 2) the area (m2) of quenda digs, which was determined by measuring the bare ground created by quenda when they forage (e.g., measuring the spoil heap). The increase in quenda-created bare ground has subsequently reduced litter cover and litter depth; and the composition of litter is obviously patchy where quenda actively forage.