Threatened plant translocations

Date: 22, Aug, 2018
Author(s):   David Coates, Peter Vesk, Rod Fensham, Hugh Possingham, Joslin Moore, Jennifer Silcock, Leonie Monks, Rebecca Dillon, Marc Freestone, Laura Simmons, Lucy Commander, Margaret Byrne, Andrew Young, Tony Auld, Michelle Waycott, Noushka Reiter, Nigel Swarts
Publisher: TSR Hub

Translocations are being increasingly used in threatened plant recovery programs. The outcomes of past translocation programs have often been poorly documented or unpublished. This makes it hard to learn from the past experiences, to adapt and improve techniques in response to outcomes or to determine if investments have been worthwhile. As the number of plant translocation projects increases, it is becoming increasingly important to evaluate the success of these translocations with meaningful and measurable criteria. The project will develop criteria for measuring the success of plant translocation projects. It will also review the outcomes of past plant translocations and synthesise past research in order to develop best practice guidelines for plant translocation in Australia.