Testing the effectiveness of nest boxes for threatened species

Date: 17, Aug, 2018
Author(s):   David Lindenmayer, Damian Michael, Mason Crane
Publisher: TSR Hub

This project entails establishing purpose-built nest boxes within young tree plantings and remnant box gum grassy woodland vegetation on farms and along roadsides. The aim is to determine the usefulness of artificial hollows as an effective offsetting tool for tree removal in agricultural landscapes (e.g., to offset the loss of paddock trees as a result of cropping intensification and road widening). The study also explores the value of nest boxes in promoting connectivity for hollow-dependent vertebrates such as arboreal marsupials. A particular focus of this work will be the value of nest boxes for threatened species such as the squirrel glider, brush-tailed phascogale, superb parrot and brown treecreeper.