Ten ways to improve the natural assets on a farm

Date: 10, Aug, 2020
Author(s):   Lindenmayer, D. & Sustainable Farms
Publisher: Australian National University

Sustainable Farms is an Australian National University initiative to support farmers with science. The team works with a range of partners to provide extension activities and resources, including on-farm field workshops. For more than twenty years, our team has been working on farms from northern Victoria to south-east Queensland. The landholders we work with often ask questions like: “I have planted a shelterbelt which has made a huge difference for wildlife and stock, but what else can I do?” The Ten Ways booklet highlights how one small change on a farm could create new habitat for native animals and lead to increased stock productivity. The publication is underpinned by 20 years of long-term research into biodiversity on farms. It also represents a knowledge collaboration that’s occurred over two decades between the farmers who are undertaking management practices, and the ANU ecologists supporting farmers’ observations with science.