Submission to the Australian House of Representatives Standing Committee on Environment and Energy, Inquiry into Flying-fox management in the eastern states, on behalf of the National Environmental Science Programme (NESP).

Date: 31, Oct, 2016
Author(s):   Pia Lentini, John Woinarski, Brendan Wintle, Stephen Garnett, K. Currey
Publisher: Parliament of Australia Website

Project 6.3.3 – The grey-headed flying-fox (GHFF) and spectacled flying-fox (SFF) are listed as Vulnerable under the EPBC Act (s. 179 (5)) on the basis of criterion 1: the species have undergone a substantial reduction in numbers. – The best available evidence from the National Flying-fox Monitoring Program suggests that populations of GHFF have stabilised (but not recovered) while SFF continue to decline, though several more years of data are needed to ensure population estimates are robust. – Threats which led to the decline and subsequent listing of GHFF and SFF (habitat loss, extreme climatic events and persecution) persist today and have the potential to accelerate in the near future due to policy changes, climate change, and social tensions surrounding flying-fox roosts.