Strategic Planning for the Far Eastern Curlew - Progress Report 2

Date: 09, Jan, 2018
Author(s): Amanda Lilleyman   Stephen Garnett   Hamish Campbell   Peter Kyne   Richard Fuller   |   Amanda Lilleyman, Stephen Garnett, Hamish Campbell, Peter Kyne, Richard Fuller
Publisher: CDU

Project 5.1.1 The far eastern curlew (FEC) is the largest migratory shorebird in the world. It is listed as Critically Endangered in Australia with numbers rapidly declining. Recent research has highlighted the importance of high quality non-breeding habitat to migratory shorebirds, but it is difficult to provide strategic guidance to developers and decision-makers because too little is known regarding the ecological requirements of the bird. Currently little is known about their exact feeding and roosting habitat needs. While coastal development can negatively impact populations, they are known to use some artificial habitat for roosting. This project will provide the knowledge needed to develop strategic guidelines for far eastern curlew conservation.

5.1.1 Far Eastern Curlew Progress Report 2_V3.pdf